Center for Advanced Faculty Training in Home Science Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University
Post Graduate & Research center, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

Research Activities

The department has carried out M.Sc and Ph.D Research in the areas of

  • Functional space utilization
  • Fabrication and field testing of energy saving and drudgery reducing technologies
  • Use of solar & biomass energy sources
  • Consumer studies & Gender issues
  • Ergonomics and resource management in urban, Rural and Tribal families
  • Product Design,Testing and Evaluation

With the Colloboration and financial Support of AP State Departments, Indian Council of Agricultural Research etc., the department had taken up field research and extension activities. The outcome of the research activities have contributed to the enhancement of quality of life of rural households by developing and popularizing technologies like Hay Basket, smokeless Chula, Janatha fridge, Zero energy Cool Chamber, Solar Cookers, Solar Dryer etc.

The ICAR Sponsored All India Coordinated Research Project in Family Resource Management had covered many research activities, the results of which are beneficial & relevant to the rural households. Under this programme, designing, developing & popularizition of technologies like – Water Carriage Trolley, Paddy Row Seeder, Head load manager, sapling transplanter, Ergonomic Tools for Farm Activities, Ergonomic Rural kitchen Designs have been successfully done.

Other Researches

  • Accessible buildings for residential and commercial uses.
  • Ergo-friendly product design, testing and evaluation
  • Building Design for special needs
  • Management of family resources
  • Energy conservation and renewable energy sources
  • Development of drudgery reducing technologies in home, farm and dairy sectors.
  • Environment protection through Resource Management, Consumerism and Consumer Economics
  • Occupational health hazards and safety
  • Rural hygiene and sanitation

Upcoming Events

  "Student ready Programme inHome Science. Modalities and Guidelines for Programme implementation 1st to 21st November2017". For Further Info Please Click Below :

S.No Project Title Investigators Funding Agency Period /duration Budget Rs. in lakhs
1 Glycemc index profiling of rice varieties for combating lifestyle diseases 1. Dr. K. Uma Maheswari P.I. Professor & University Head Cum Director-CAFT- H SC 2. Dr. Jessi Suneetha W Co.P.I. Assistant Professor RKVY 3 years 16.00
2 Product development and value addition from underutilized fruits and vegetables of North Eastern Hill Region of India 1. Dr.K. Aparna P.I. Assistant Professor 2. Dr. M. Sridhar Co.P.I. Principal Scientist DBT 3 years 19.07
3 Collaborative project on  Resilient Agricultural Households through adaptation to Climate Change in Mahaboobnagar Distrcit ,Telangana Dr. T.V. HYMAVATHI  Technical expert - processing and value addition NAFCC 4 years --

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