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The Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural university, earlier known as Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University was established in the country on Land Grant pattern of United States and was not only responsible for the development of agriculture, but also for improving the quality of life of rural families. Consequently, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in its model act, made a definite provision for Home Science in Agricultural Universities in India. As a result, the Domestic Science College which was under the control of Technical Education Department till 1964 was transferred to the Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University in the year 1964 under Faculty of Home Science and and the institution was renamed as College of Home Science. Today, Faculty of Home Science stands as one of the stongest faculty in Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, on successful completion of nealrly five decades of service to community.

The main focus of the faculty is to make the curriculum more relevant to rural family with emphasis on intra family resources since rural family is considered not only as a consumption unit but also as a production unit. Home Science education, therefore was considered as a discipline which could bridge the gap between the science and its application and which could meet the needs of the family through efficient management.

Today, demand for Home Science discipline is on the rise and potentials are also immense which necessitated the Home Science institutions to keep in conformity with changing times and shift the objective to broader perspective. The 3 year degree programme has been gradually converted to 4(2+2) year programme in 2000-01 and the nomenclature of the degree changed to B.Sc.(Hons) Home Science and being implemented from the academic year 2007-08 to make it more professional and job Oriented. In the process of revising and reshaping of the Under Graduate Programme, many changes were taken place in the academic curriculum and new courses were introduced with special emphasis on practical component including Internship in Industries/ Institutes and the Experiential Learning Programme which will enable the portal to become job providers rather than job seekers.

The academic programme in the Faculty is endowed with well competent staff in all departments who are well qualified with a doctoral degree in the respective areas of specialization. Most of the staff members have undergone advanced training both at domestic and overseas. The faculty is highly reputed having recognition at national and international level in the areas of teaching, research and extension. The faculty is also extending consultancy services to the developing institutions both inland and abroad. Faculty of Home Science gives personal attention to each student and records their progress and has strong ties with various industries, organizations and line departments to provide excellent career opportunities to students during and after completion of their degree requirements. The pedagogy is highly interactive between the faculty and the students.

The faculty of Home Science comprises five departments viz:

  • Apparel and Textiles (APTX)
  • Foods and Nutrition (FDNT)
  • Home Science Extension and Communication Management (HECM)
  • Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)
  • Resource Management and Consumer Science (RMCS)

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