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Home Science is a dynamic and evergrowing inlife science education. It is an applied field built upon the discipline of science and humanities for the purpose of achieving the welfare and wellbeing of the family in an ever changing society.

The Center for Advanced Faculty Training in Home Science in ANGRAU, Hyderabad, is the only centre of its kind in India to disseminate knowledge and technical skill in Home Science education to the faculty members of Home Science in SAU’s and ICAR Institutions. In view of outstanding quality of work being carried out by the department of Foods & Nutrition, it was elevated to the status of Centre of Advanced Studies (CAS) by ICAR in 1994. It is first of its kind in Home Science in all the State Agricultural Universities (SAU) in India. The CAS headed by Professor-cum- Director was established to serve as a National Resource and Advanced Training Centre for faculty and staff of other SAUs in the field of Foods & Nutrition ICAR elevated the status of Centre of Advanced Studies–Foods & Nutrition to Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Home Science (CAFT-H.Sc) in May, 2010 in recognition of the specialized services delivered by CAS-ANGRAU over the years. The CAFT – H.Sc Center started in 2010 in Hyderabad..

The redefined mandate of CAFT- Home Science is to serve as a National Resource and Training Centre for all the five disciplines of Home Science viz., Foods and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Studies, Family Resource Management, Apparel & Textiles and Home Science Extension and Communication. Each discipline in Home Science has dedicated its activities to achieve national and international quality and standards in Food and Nutrition, Health Security, Textiles, Apparels, Psychology, Humanities, Housing, Consumer Protection, Ergonomics and Safety, through its endeavour in Teaching, Research and Extension.

Faculty of Home Science in ANGRAU had been the center for extending advanced trainings for curriculum up-gradation and strengthening teaching methods and evaluation at UG and PG level. Over the years, it has been the National resource centre for dissemination of home science information. The policy of the faculty is to inculcate scientific spirit in home science education through teaching, research and extension activities and enhance entrepreneurial skills to generate natural opening for self employment in all the five disciplines of Home Science for better service of the community.

1.Establishment Year : 1996
Proc. No. 37735 / H.Sc/A1/94;
dt. 22-9-1996 of APAU
2.Area / Discipline : Home Science
3.Location: Post Graduate & Research Centre
College of Home Science
Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500030.

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